Transforming The Perfect Brow Shape

At Brow Diva, we don’t simply wax the brows, we sculpt and transform them into the perfect brow shape for you! Every face and set of eyebrows we meet is unique and deserves to be treated as so. As the first brow sculpting studio in Rochester, I have waxed, trimmed and tweezed thousands of brows into the perfect shape that compliments and balances the clients’ unique facial structure. Creating the perfect eyebrow shape can truly transform your total look. 

What is brow sculpting? 

Brow sculpting is an art and a creative process. While brow waxing merely is a way to remove excess hair, brow sculpting also includes trimming and tweezing to precisely shape and define the brows. 

Whether you have a lot of hair or little to no hair, I can sculpt your brows into a perfect eyebrow for your face shape and your personality. 

How do you create the perfect brow shape?

When I sculpt and shape the brows, I like to call the process Architectural Brow Design because it requires thoughtful consideration and meticulous measurements to create the best brow shape for each individual client. The brows add so much character to the face and highlight the bone structure, so it is very important to create a brow shape that creates overall facial harmony. Below are the steps I take to create the perfect brow shape. 

Step 1 - Measuring
I start the transformation process by measuring where the brow should begin and where it should end, as well as where the arch naturally is. 

Step 2 - Trimming
Next, I will use small scissors and a brow and lash comb to trim the hairs. I comb the hairs in different directions and trim them ever so slightly. Some of the trimming is so minimal that I like to refer to it as an “Architectural Trim Design.” When trimming the eyebrow hairs it is very important to trim them just right, never too short. 

I also keep in mind that some people get fullness by the length of their brows and if they are trimmed too short it will lead to the brows looking too sparse and that isn’t what we want. 

This trimming process is what begins to reveal the natural shape of the brow. 

Step 3 - Waxing
Then I apply a hard wax to the areas above the brow, under the brow and between the brows. 

Step 4 - Tweezing
It is actually with the tweezers that I sculpt the brow – tweezing hairs one by one to create a crisp, straight line, both on top of the brow and under the brow. 

The crisp, straight line beginning from the inner corner and going towards the arch is in a very gradual incline, with the arch being the highest point. As we move to the outer tail end of the brow, the shape gets thinner very gradually.  So the thinnest point of your eyebrow is at the tail and the thickest part is at the beginning of the brow. Starting from the inner top line above the brow, the high point is at the peak of the brow and then it gradually declines until we get to the very end. 

The length of the brow is also a very important component of the brow transformation. The length of the brow is what brings attention to your eye shape. So I make sure the length compliments and highlights your eye shape. 

Brow Shaping Examples

Transforming the perfect eyebrow shape is completely individual – no 2 eyebrows are the same on each individual person so no 2 sets of eyebrows are the same. Especially when the perfect shape for each individual person is sculpted according to their face shape and their personality.  

Example #1 – Sad to Happy Brows

Example -1-Sad to Happy Brows.jpeg

Example #2  - Refining the arch

Example-2-Refining the arch.jpeg

Example #3 – Anti-aging brows

Example-3-Anti-aging brows.jpeg

Example #4 – Blonde brows

Example-4-Blonde brows.jpeg

Example #5 – Taming the brows

Example-5-Taming the brows.jpeg

Transform Your Eyebrows at Brow Diva

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Barbara Day