The History Behind TIM Makeup Co.

The making of TIM Makeup Co. has been 30 years in the process, whether we knew it or not! My twin sister, Deborah, and I first went into business together 30 years ago (1987) with a makeup company. Debora is a portrait artist and developed a makeup technique that we would teach to women so they could learn to apply makeup that looked natural. This was in the 80s and the natural makeup look was definitely ahead of its time. Deborah and I did makeup application for weddings and makeup lessons. In that time we both developed an expertise in eyebrow sculpting. 

Twin sisters Deborah and Deanna have been working together for 30 years and recently launched tim makeup.

In 1999, we decided to go in different directions and work alone but in businesses that did not directly compete with each other. Deborah continued in the makeup industry while I moved on to specialize in eyebrow sculpting. I was the first person in Rochester, NY to open up an eyebrow sculpting salon in 2005 and have a very successful brow business to this day. In 2011, the makeup business slowed down for Deborah and she decided to also move into brow sculpting, after seeing how successful I was at Brow Diva. So, with my blessing she opened up her own brow salon on the other side of town.

At that time, it was better for us to work separately. However, fast-forward to today, and we have come back together as partners in a new makeup business - tim makeup co! "tim" stands for "this is me." It is not only a line of makeup, but a makeup application technique. 

In a world full of so many different makeup products, the average middle-aged consumer gets confused and overwhelmed. Using the same makeup technique that Deborah developed 30 years ago, we have paired selling the online educational makeup application technique courses with a universal line of makeup products that look great on any skin tone. 

Deborah and I realized there is a huge opening in this market to help middle-aged women celebrate their beauty. As women age, they know they can't wear a lot of makeup nor can they wear the same makeup they used to wear in their 30s - they know they need less. The makeup technique is quick and easy - 4 steps, 5 minutes, 6 products. 

Deborah is the creative, intelligent, genius when it comes to developing ideas and I am the business anchor. We found our own strengths from working separately for 19 years and now we are back together and appreciate each other's differences and respect each other's strengths! Our hope is to redefine the beauty industry by showing women they don't need a lot of products and to help women celebrate their own beauty!

Barbara Day