Brow Pencil vs. Powder – What’s really the best brow makeup product?

The eyebrows have become one of the top beauty obsessions over the past few years. Women these days seem to do whatever they need to in order to have the best brows possible. As a result, there are a plethora of eyebrow makeup products available. So let’s take a look at what truly is the best brow product to give you that natural, full arch – brow pencil vs. powder.

Brow Diva Makeup three Brow Powder shades

Brow Pencil 

Brow pencils are used to fill in your brows with precise strokes that mimic your own hairs. There are thousands of different kinds of brow pencils out there in a lot of different colors. But, in my opinion, brow pencils are very difficult to apply in a natural way. You can easily create that angry, harsh eyebrow look. Or it is easy to choose a color that looks unnatural. 

I personally have never used an eyebrow pencil and I never plan to! Nor do I advise my clients to use them! Instead, I recommend using brow powder. 

Brow Powder

Brow powders are used to fill in the spaces of skin that show between your hairs. Coloring the skin creates the appearance of fuller, more defined arches. Brow powder is the best eyebrow makeup product to create a natural look. 

Applying brow powder is much easier than using a brow pencil. With an angled brush, lightly sweep the powder over your arches. You can layer the color as necessary to create your desired color and shape. To finish the look, use a spoolie to comb through the hairs to blend the color. 

Brow powders are the easiest brow products to use because you are able to control the amount of color you are applying, unlike with a pencil. This results in the color of your brows looking much more natural. In fact, I always say, that when you are wearing the proper eyebrow makeup color and applying it correctly, no one will ever know you have on brow makeup. 

Learn How To Use Brow Powder At Home

At Brow Diva, I take great pride in teaching my clients how to properly apply brow powder so they can create thick, defined brows every day at home. During every brow sculpting appointment, I take the time to not only apply the correct brow powder color to my clients’ brows, but I teach them the proper application technique as I do it. My clients always tell me it is so much easier to use the brow powder to create perfect brows than they imagined. 

In addition to brow powder, some of my clients benefit from our other Brow Diva products including brow mascara, brow base, brow highlighter and/or brow control. 

Shop Brow Diva Brow Powder

The Brow Diva Brow Powder is a smudge-proof formula that creates soft, yet more defined brows that last the entire day. I promise you will love using it every morning! You can purchase your Brow Diva Brow Power at our studio in Rochester, NY or shop online. 

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Barbara Day