Brow Sculpting

As the first brow sculpting studio in Rochester, the Brow Diva has trimmed, waxed, tweezed and shaped thousands upon thousands of brows since opening in 2005. This unparalleled experience in eyebrow sculpting allows our team to give each and every woman her perfect eyebrow shape. 

Our expertise in brow sculpting is the reason why people come to Brow Diva; it’s an art and a creative process. After the initial consultation there is so much care and creativity that go into the design of the eyebrows. So much so that Deanna, the Brow Diva, recently began calling her brow sculpting process “Architectural Brow Design.”

Deanna Cahill, Creator of Architectural Brow Design

Architectural Brow Design 

Architectural Brow Design entails careful measurements, fine trimming with scissors and precise waxing; the ultimate brow design is finished with meticulous tweezing. Sometimes what seems like the slightest trim or tweezing out just one hair is what makes a world of difference in the complete shape of the eyebrow. 

At Brow Diva, there is careful consideration and deep respect for the importance of creating the ideal brow on each and every person. We know that no two eyebrows are exactly the same, nor are the two sides of the face exactly the same. Recognizing these subtleties and through the art of architectural brow design, we are able to sculpt the perfect brows for you.

See the Brow Sculpting Gallery of Before & Afters

“To this day, I shake my head in amazement at the results and reaction of each and every client. I like to call it the ‘wow!’ factor because when a client first looks in the mirror, their first reaction is often ‘Wow!’”
– Deanna, the Brow Diva


Brow Waxing vs Brow Sculpting – What’s the difference?

There are a lot of people who offer brow waxing and it is important to understand the differences between waxing and sculpting the brows. Waxing the eyebrows is merely the removal of the hair. It does not involve the sculpting process of tweezing and trimming to fine tune the shape of the eyebrow. Brow sculpting is truly an art and the Brow Diva is an artist who takes pride in giving you the most beautifully defined brows.  

The brows add so much character to the face and they bring attention to the bone structure of the face. Your brows deserve to be sculpted, not simply waxed!


Brow Sculpting Services

Brow Sculpting - Woman (15 min appointment)

Includes Brow Makeup Application Lesson

Session with Deanna "The Brow Diva"     $35
Session with trained "Brow Sculptors"    $29

Yumi Lashes

Lash Lift (90 min appointment) $150
Lash Lift plus Conditioning (90 minute appointment) $175

Brow Grooming - Men (15 min appointment)

Session with Deanna "The Brow Diva"     $29
Session with trained "Brow Sculptors"     $29


Lip wax    $10
Face wax  $15
Chin wax $10


Eyebrow Makeup Application – The Finishing Touch!

During your brow sculpting appointment you will be given a 1-on-1 lesson on the best eyebrow makeup product, the best color and the best application technique to beautifully enhance your brows.

The Brow Diva has always said that with the correct eyebrow product, learning the proper application technique and perfectly matching your eyebrow color, nobody should know you have an eyebrow product on but you! Your brows will look naturally defined and full.

Our line of brow products includes brow powder, brow mascara, brow base, brow control and brow highlighter. We will determine which of these products will compliment your brow shape and desired fullness. 



Transform your brows with this semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement treatment. Microblading is completely customized to your eyebrow needs, including both the shape and color of your brows.


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