Rochester’s Choice Awards - My thoughts


When I was asked if I would like to participate in this years Rochester’s Choice Awards, I thought, why not, I’ve been in business for 13 years. I’m successful, happy, accomplished and fulfilled. I love my home city, Rochester, all the surrounding towns and especially my home town Webster. And I love the Democrat and Chronicle. (My very first job was delivering newspapers in my birth city of Auburn, NY at the young age of 10 years old.) So, I thought ”OK, I’ll do it.” I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’ll be brave and I’ll step out of my comfort zone and see what happens.

It felt like a good thing to do. And then the “monkey mind” began to chatter, “what happens if you lose? Who do you think you are? Blah, blah, blah.” 

I decided that I was going to surrender to the moment, put this in the hands of a higher power, ride the wave and see what happens…

The journey began. When the contest started I went on to the website and voted for Brow Diva, I asked my employees, family, friends and clients to vote for me. I even sent an e-mail to cousins that lived in other parts of the country and my business associates to vote for me. The response was overwhelming. “I just voted for you Deanna, good luck!” was what everyone said.

I was amazed at how good it felt. I felt loved, appreciated and honored. I opened up my heart and felt the love and support from many, many people. And it felt really good, I felt the joy.

I realized in that moment that the love and devotion I feel for Brow Diva was not about winning, it wasn’t about the recognition or the prize! This was about the journey, not the end result. I stepped out of my comfort zone and surrendered to my higher power. I was conscious of being in the moment when the worry thoughts of the outcome began. But most importantly, I opened my heart to the all the love and support of my clients, family and friends that was coming in from many directions. That’s what this was all about… feeling loved and supported… isn’t that what everyone needs?

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me, Brow Diva. It is because of all of you I feel so loved and appreciated. I love and appreciate each and every one of you too!

Deanna Cahill