Deanna Cahill


Deanna Netti-Cahill
The Brow Diva

Deanna, the Brow Diva, officially opened the Brow Diva doors on February 1, 2005, as the first and only brow sculpting studio in Rochester and the surrounding areas. Since then, Brow Diva has continued to be the preferred salon in Rochester for the perfect brows and Deanna is known as the pioneer of brow sculpting in upstate New York. 

When envisioning the perfect brow studio, Deanna knew her salon would be more than just a “salon.” She built Brow Diva as a place where all people are encouraged and empowered to recognize, embrace, and celebrate their own beauty.

Deanna’s experience in the beauty industry has been more than 25 years in the making. She started her career as a freelance makeup and fragrance artist working with beauty industry giants like Jacqueline Cochran, Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, and La Prairie. In addition to her makeup services, Deanna also offered her clients eyebrow sculpting appointments. She quickly realized she was doing more brows than makeup on a daily basis and knew women were looking for a place that specialized in brows. From this, Brow Diva was established. 

Deanna’s unparalleled ability to artistically sculpt an individual’s brows has made her not only highly sought after by clients, but also as a teacher for other brow artists who are looking to perfect their skills. Over the years, Deanna has personally mentored and trained each one of her Brow Diva employees so that clients always walk out of an appointment with the perfect Brow Diva arch. 

“Coming to Brow Diva is about much more than ‘getting your brows done.’ The experience is elevated predominantly by Deanna’s 25+ years experience. She is the originator, the master, and the genius behind the brow sculpting experience that is Brow Diva; she is the Brow Diva. And, she is the reason Rochester was introduced to brow sculpting.

Deanna is able to look at any set of brows and find the perfect shape. She begins by chiseling and trimming with amazing meticulous precision, and like a true sculptor slowly finds the shape within the brow. Like Michelangelo and his David, she finds the brow shape in each eyebrow and slowly sets it free into an amazing set of eyebrows.

She is a true master and can improve any set of eyebrows. Her manner always exudes ease, and her excellence is always consistent. In every appointment, it seems as though Deanna has surrendered and is moving from a force greater than herself. It is truly her passion to perfect everyone’s brows; she simply cannot help herself!”


Meet our Brow Diva Team

Chelsea - Microblading Specialist

Chelsea Brow Sculptor, Microblading Specialist

Chelsea was born with tweezers in her hand; professionally she has been sculpting brows for over 4 years. Trained and mentored under the Brow Diva herself, Chelsea has been apart of the Brow Diva team since the beginning. Chelsea is also our microblading specialist.

“Growing up my mother would tell me inspirational stories about the connections she made with her clients. Because of this, I have always been more than excited to choose brow sculpting as my career.”


Kimberly Brow Sculptor

Kimberly is one of our very talented brow sculptors at Brow Diva. She loves that each set of eyebrows she “meets” is unique, so her appointment are always new, fresh, and exciting.

“Being trained by the Brow Diva herself is an honor. I love that Brow Diva is much more than simply ‘doing eyebrows.’ Meeting and engaging with clients is one of the most fulfilling parts of this work. This work is my soul food.”

Monika Yumi Lash Lift Expert

Monika Yumi Lash Lift Expert

Monika is our Yumi Lash Lift Expert at Brow Diva. She has always had a passion for anything beauty related and loves being able to help her clients enhance their natural beauty.

“With the Lash Lift, I’m able to beautifully enhance the lashes without the need for false ones. Showing my clients their transformed lashes is so rewarding and makes me love what I do even more!”


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