Brow Makeup


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“Every woman needs the best eyebrow makeup products to achieve beautifully defined eyebrows,” says Deanna, the Brow Diva.

Even thick, well-groomed brows need that extra touch for perfect symmetry. If you have sparse, uneven or unruly brows, our Brow Diva brow makeup products are a must for a clean, professional look. Our line of brow makeup includes brow powder, brow base, brow mascara, brow control, and brow highlighter. 

Each brow, just like each woman, is unique. Please consider the texture, density and color of your brows before deciding which Brow Diva products are best for you! You can use this guide to find your perfect brow makeup color or you can ask us about our 1-on-1 lessons that come complimentary with a brow sculpting appointment.

During your 1-on-1 brow makeup lessons, we will determine the best brow products and color for you and teach you the proper application technique to define your brows. Having the proper technique and product always makes a world of difference in creating a naturally full appearance.